Review Policy


I am currently accepting review requests.

I’m not particularly picky about the books I read. I will accept review requests in any genre. This does not guarantee that I will like the book, or that I particularly like books in that genre. Genres I don’t normally read include: historical fiction, non-fiction, and romance.

Whether I accept a review request will depend on my schedule as a student and my current reading schedule. Accepting a review request does not guarantee a positive review. The source of a book does not affect the content of the review. Each review is a reflection of my opinion of the book, not the author. Hate mail is a good way to get yourself banned.

The time it takes for me to post a review varies according to my schedule. If you have a specific due date in mind for the review, let me know in your request. It may affect my ability to accept your book.

In all cases, I will let you know if I accept or reject a request in a timely manner. If it’s been a few days and you still haven’t heard from me, feel free to send me an email.

I can accept hard copies, PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats. I can also review webfiction or interactive fiction.

Each review includes the following:

  • The title, author(s), source, and format of the book
  • A link to the author’s website, if applicable
  • Publisher, year published, series, and genre information
  • A picture of the cover of the book, as found on GoodReads
  • The dust/back cover summary of the book, as found on the book or as found on GoodReads
  • My honest and subjective opinion of the book
  • A rating summarizing how much I liked the book.

Have a review request? Please use the contact form or contact me at